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Should I stay on humera and Celebrex? Been taking humera and Celebrex for 3 months and my flare up in my lower back is going on 4 months. How long does flare ups normaly last? Pain and stiffness has moved to my ankles. The right ankle being the worst. When I try to walk in the morning my feet feels like I'm walking on rocks and my ankle feels like their sprained. Although they don't look swollen, they feel like they are. Is this NORMAL. When I sit for 30 mins or more everything locks up and becomes painful. Two weeks ago I felt better for 4 days, so i thought the humera was working. Then BAM the flare up came back with a vengeance (with ankle pain) that last all day. Does flare up coming back after only 4 days normal? Somedays even two norcos doesn't seem to help that much. Is this because my body has gotten used to them, so they may not be as effective? Is this normal? Sorry for asking so many question at one time. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. It seem their is no end in sight. Thank you for letting me vent.

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Ankylosing spondylitis

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I always read other people's post to find answers about anything, but for what ever reason I can't seem to find a consistent answer about ankylosing spondylitis. Their is a wide range of opinion when it comes to AS. I was diagnosed with AS about three months ago, after years of complaining and whining about my back. My life leading up to the diagnose of AS was like a fictional book. When I was referred to rheumatologist in February 2013, and after I talk to him for 90 mins I thought my life was saved or at least a relief in pain. Not that it matters but my doc looks just like dr. Kevorkian (doctor of death). I was put on a wide range of meds, oxaprozin, methotrexate, naproxen, Celebrex, humera, and nothing worked. It seemed the only thing that helped ease the pain was hydrocodone. The first month he gave me 30(10mg/500mg), second month was 30 (5mg/500mg), the third month he gave me 60(10mg/500mg). These meds works wonders in the morning, they help lessen the pain of trying to move around. It's still painful, but the hydrocodone help make getting out bed tolerable. The pass month I've been having a real bad flare up and the pain last all day. So on my last visit the doc decided to take me off hydrocodone and replace it with lorazepam for the pain. He felt my pain came from anxiety. I have never been an anxious person. Now I take humera, celebrex, and lorazepam. two weeks in using lorazepam and still feel a lot of pain but the big difference is now I also feel real sleepy. Is this a good way to treat AS? Should I see a defferent rheumatologist? How long do people with AS take hydrocodone and pain meds like this for. Is pain med going to a part of my life? Every morning is a struggle for me and rest of the day isn't any better. My job has been effected by AS because I can't set for more then 30mins. A job is just a job though, but how AS has effected my family life is what depresses me the most. Any answer or advise would be appreciated.

Just been diagnosed with AS questions to you guys

so I really dont know much about this. My doctor said I can't play heavy sports at all and Boxing is probably the single thing i love the most in the world and i have to give that up?

would ice or heat to my back relieve the pain?

Coffee and green tea effects on it?

Which stretches should I do?

What is your way of preventing or relieving pain?


EDIT: My doctor told me to use voltaren pills twice a day and there was another one but im only using voltaren now since the other one is giving me insane allergies
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New Year: new diagnosis/new medication

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with PMR, which was later changed to Fibromialgia, then back to PMR.  

I started the new year by visiting my rheumatologist who promptly informed me that I had tested positive for a the gene HLA B27; Which means that I might have; ankylonosis spondylitis which is a form of arthritis of the spine, never mind that it is most prevalent on males and the onset is in the early twenties and that I am the wrong gender and a few decades over. She thinks that might be the reason we have not been able to wean me off the prednizone. So off I go with an order for X-Rays of neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips; and a new prescription for Sulfasalazine with the instructions: lets see if you tolerate it. It appears the major side effect is not being able to tolerate it.  If I can keep it down, we will try to remove the prednizone in due time. 
So off I go to educate myself on a new problem, and new medication.; And you know what?; I think my dr. is off her rockers. Just saying. At this point I don't know what else to believe.; I guess I have to wait for the X-rays .and see what they show.; :(

Anyone familiar with this medication?  or with anylosis spondylitis in general? 

The positive thing is that the Dr is very sure that it is not fibro, (well we knew that) and is not convinced that it is PMR after all. 
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Hi..I'm a new LJ user

Hi I'm a new Live Journal user and am desperately seeking info regarding a specific condition in a specific community. I was diagnosed  with AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) about 3 years ago after having it for probably 20 years. Currently I am having GI problems/crisis very often. I'm finding that this is an issue with all AS diagnosed persons......finding a good doctor, managing diet...I just have a load of questions and would be stoked to find someone or many to talk to....if your out there....help!
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Angry..just diagnosed after suffering 35yrs

I am so angry at the moment just recieved a letter about a blood test that got taking & it is HLAB27 pos, after years off agony and many hospital visits, injections, pain killers, physio etc you name it i have been on every pain killer anti inflammatory & am sick off swallowing drugs

I have probably made my condition much worse by choosing the profession that i went into (geriatric nursing) which i had to leave on health grounds due to the pain i was in.

So i have been unable to work, depressed, financially challenged due to not been able to work, been told i had back problems etc, my first Q when i get to Rheumatology will be how could this not have been diagnosed years ago .
I have over the years pushed myself, got angry with myself for not being fit, felt lazy because i was so unfit and fatigued to do things other people were doing, my social life as well as work life has suffered tremendously.

Its all fallen into place now since i got the letter yesterday telling me the diagnosis

Constant flu like symptoms, just getting over colds , having bursts off energy ( well thats what they were to me but probably just normall for anybody else without the disease ) & feeling well for a cpl off weeks then wham something else.
Been plagued my whole life with something or another, but being the fighter that iam  i never lay down to it ! dont know if that was a good thing in hindsight but i seem to have battled on for so long that i just broke down and cried lots off times then told myself to get a grip !

Pushing myself when i really should not have been doing so but trying to convince myself that i must do this i must do that ! kinda fright or flight mode...then palpitations which i was told was due to some irregular heartbeat thing ( forgotten the name now ) but will be querying that too , maybee its related as might the constant sinus infections, colds, fatigue, the depression, the stress.

Oh and iam rhesus neg , dont know if that is a common denominator but i read a post here and somebody mentioned that ?

Well iam angry but at last i know what i have

Coffee and tea?

Hi everyone....I'm new here and thought I'd jump in with both feet. I, too, have AS, which has completely changed my life and brought it to a screaching halt. Does anyone have experience with eliminating coffee and tea from their diet? I notice that when I drink caffeine, my IBS flares up, then comes the horrible lower back and hip pain. Any other diet ideas? 
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Hi there,

I was diagnosed last week with AS and Sjogrens. I really didn't NEED another illness but oh well! So, seeing as I had never heard of these two illnesses until last week, I'm bumbling around the internet trying to read up and learn about them.

I have been started on some medications (Planquinil/Hydrochloroquine) and Lodine plus Restasis and Vitamin D (RX).

I am 34 years old, I have a husband and 2 kids (3rd and 4th grades). I also have rabbits and a dog.

I also have some pain which makes getting all the things I do each day somewhat difficult however they do get done (Thanks to my OCD!).
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