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My rheumatologist has suggested that I use UltraInflamX, a "medical food" specially designed to assist in inflammation management and gastrointestinal function. It, combined with a special diet (which seems to be cutting out all possible immune system irritants and popular sources of food allergens), is reported to have fairly dramatic results in reducing overall inflammation. He likens the program to "rebooting" the immune system. The dietary modifications are fairly challenging (What?? No CHEESE?!), but not impossible. So far all I've noticed after two doses is nasty NASTY gas. Really. Pity my poor boyfriend who has to share a bed with me! Supposedly that symptom will subside with time. Also, the powder mixed with water is disgusting, but I've found that mixing the pineapple banana flavored mix with 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of diet V8 Splash Tropical juice, and ice (blended for a smoothie consistancy) isn't terrible. I'm a low carber and the powder has fructose in it which is BAD for low carbers, but thankfully I'm in the last stage of low carbing (lifetime maintenance), so having a healthy serving of protein with the shake mellows out the high carb reaction in my body.

Has anyone else ever heard of this product? Have you tried it? What have been your experiences with it?

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